This is what games optimized for GeForce RTX 3000 look like. Among them, the beautiful Cyberpunk 2077

New graphics cards from Nvidia have already been announced . Soon it will be possible to buy them, bringing our computers to the next generation of games. But just… what games? Fortunately, a few will appear at the start.

The new graphics card will provide our computer with a huge performance kick in games, regardless of whether the game has been optimized for it or not very much. So this means early adopters of the GeForce RTX 3000 Series will immediately experience the obvious benefits in terms of processing power - which can be used for higher resolutions, smoother images, and greater detail.

However, the key to showing the capabilities of the graphics card are games. Nvidia at its show identified the first titles that will best use the power of these state-of-the-art GPUs. How will it work in practice? See for yourself.

Fortnite , Cyberpunk 2077 , Call of Duty: Black Ops - Cold War and something else - this is what ray tracing looks like on GeForce RTX 3000 cards.

Support for ray tracing as well as the DLSS 2.0 image reconstruction engine and Nvidia Reflex software to minimize game latency will go to Fortnite with the Chapter 2 - Season 4 update.

DLSS 2.0 will also go to Cyberpunk 2077, also of course with ray tracing support. Apparently, we won't have to wait for the update - the mechanisms will be sewn into the game on the day of its premiere.

Similarly, the latest Call of Duty is to be ready for the premiere to squeeze out of the new Nvidia systems.

And there will be more in the future. And it should look even better than in the technical demo attached above.

This is what games optimized for GeForce RTX 3000 look like. Among them the beautiful Cyberpunk 2077


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