The Australian organized an anti-Covid march, she got 20,000. dol. punishment and was arrested. The same marches will start soon in Poland

Last Saturday, a twenty-eight-year-old resident of Victoria, Australia organized a protest against pandemic restrictions. The protest itself would break the restrictions imposed on Australian citizens. For this reason, the police came to Zoe Buhler's house.

Recognizing that Zoe had called for breaking the law by posting a Facebook post inciting her to protest in Ballarat, police decided to arrest the 28-year-old and impose a $ 20,000 fine on her. We can see her reaction on the video recorded by the police herself on her phone.

Covid denier dies inside while being arrested and fined $ 20,000 for organizing a protest. from r / WatchPeopleDieInside

At the same time, commenting on the whole situation, police representatives informed that all those who decide to participate in the protest can expect an equally quick and decisive reaction from her.

We will not hesitate to impose fines of $ 1,652. against all those who decide to break the law that day. If necessary, we will have to arrest the participants of the illegal gathering

- said one of the policemen asked for a comment on the case.

Meanwhile in Poland…

Over the last few months, each of us has met people who are not on the way with science and modern medicine, and who openly and proudly declare their "lack of faith in the coronavirus". Now some of them decided to meet and demonstrate their opposition to the sanitary regime.

End the Plandemic

As we read on Facebook, a similar demonstration will take place in Warsaw on September 12 under the slogan "End the Plandemia". One of the organizers of this event is, as could be expected, Justyna Socha, known for her anti-vaccine views.

After numerous protests in Europe, it's time for Poland again! Let's not allow another lockdown, which is probably scheduled for September 18. Enough of dictatorship, regime and destroying the economy. No more taking your freedom away by regulations that violate the law and break the constitution. Szumowski has resigned, but that's not all. Szumowski must be held accountable and answer for his actions. On August 16, 2020, there were over 20,000 of us. There must be more of us now. Let us all show together that we can unite in a common cause. On September 12, 2020, we will stand shoulder to shoulder above the divisions - the organizers write on Facebook .

Due to the fact that the distribution of views in society is homogeneous throughout the country, it should come as no surprise that similar happenings are organized in other Polish cities - just a few clicks on Facebook. On September 5, an invasion of coronasceptics can be expected in Poznań and Szczecin .

The authorities can only encourage enforcement of the law on assembly and social distancing. Preferably the way it is done in Australia. After all, we all want to live under the rule of law, right?

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The Australian organized an anti-Covid march, she got 20,000. dol. punishment and was arrested. The same marches will start soon in Poland


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