The Amazfit GTS and GTR are updated improving their battery and heart monitoring

Once again, Xiaomi's business partner makes clear the care it has for its Amazfit GTR and GTS , two of its best-selling smartwatches that receive a new update improving their autonomy and cardiac monitoring .

In detail, this new update brings with it certain improvements in order to optimize its performance and its smart functions. Without going any further, battery consumption has been improved when it comes to monitoring our heart rate in both models.

In addition, Huami has corrected certain errors in the Amazfit GTR that prevented the monitoring and the number of beats per minute from being updated correctly to its own application, an error that was caused by certain problems in the Bluetooth connection that also caused the watch to restart .

The Amazfit GTS and GTR are updated improving their battery and heart monitoring. News Xiaomi

Added to this is a new optimization of the Amazfit GTS, improving cardiac monitoring, resulting in more accurate and reliable values , avoiding erroneous data or the inability to start monitoring.

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At the moment this new update is in full deployment phase so if it has not yet arrived it will be a matter of hours before it appears in the Zepp app and that you can update your Amazfit GTR or Amazfit GTS.

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