TCL wants to replace e-paper. The new LCD displays will be even more comfortable to read

tcl nxtpaper e-paper

It is not without reason that e-book readers invariably use e-paper instead of LCD or OLED technology. Despite many limitations, this technique is extremely attractive in terms of energy consumption and eye fatigue. TCL has a different proposition, however.

Why buy a limited Kindle when there is an iPad? And for many reasons. The two most important are the very long battery life and the legibility of the text, guaranteed by the eye-friendly e-paper.

The same e-paper, however, has many limitations and is basically mainly suitable for text . Displays using this technique have a very low refresh rate, which basically makes it impossible to display moving content on them. This technique is definitely not designed for graphic content either.

TCL has a solution for this… halfway. It is true that it does not solve the problem of energy consumption to the same extent as e-ink, but at least the company's displays - according to its assurances - should be as comfortable for the eyes as the aforementioned e-paper.

TCL Nxtpaper - like e-paper , but LCD. It even plays video content smoothly.

Nxtpaper displays, TCL assures, are designed to minimize flicker, blue light emission and overall brightness - so that the use of such a display does not tire your eyesight even after spending a long time with it. The company is not groundless in this: Nxtpaper has already obtained certification from the German Rhine laboratory, which has confirmed the manufacturer's declarations.

Nxtpaper isn't designed with phones in mind, however. This type of display is expected to appear in future tablets and e-book readers. It is supposed to offer Full HD resolution and a refresh rate allowing for comfortable viewing of video content. What's more, it is to offer 25 percent. higher contrast than typical e-paper display.

This technology is also supposed to be very energy-efficient - although here it will probably be somewhat lacking for e-paper. However, this does not change the fact that TCL's ideas and inventions sound very interesting. The company claims that the reflectivity of the display shell allowed it to use ambient lighting to illuminate the image. In fact: Nxtpaper doesn't use its own highlighting. At all. As a result, it is to be 36 percent. thinner than a typical LCD matrix and 65 percent. more energy efficient.

Unfortunately, we don't know when Nxtpaper will appear in the first products. TCL has only a vague declaration to offer for now: soon. I wonder when it will be possible to write on it, as on colorful Amazon e-paper .

TCL wants to replace e-paper. The new LCD displays will be even more comfortable to read


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