Silos fly like crows. Another Starship prototype jumped 150 meters

And that's what progress looks like. Until recently, we only viewed faint steel silos standing at the Boca Chica development facility in Texas. And now the silos are starting to fly.

Tonight there was another jump of the full-size prototype of the mighty Starship spacecraft.

This time, the sixth prototype of the ship took off - SN6.

The rocket rose from a massive cloud of smoke to a height of 150 meters, then gently descended and landed gently on the landing field. Although it was slightly tilted after landing, one of the legs was definitely damaged.

This is not the first flight of Starship

On August 4, Starship's fifth prototype, SN5, soared 150 meters, after which it landed nearby in a fully controlled manner. It was the first flight of this ship in history.

Elon Musk tends to make progress this way - first he takes a crazy flight which carries enormous risks, and then makes each subsequent ship do the same and better and better. Before you know it, the landings of Falcon 9 after launching the payload into orbit become normal. I have a vague impression that with Starship it will be exactly the same.

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Silos fly like crows. Another Starship prototype jumped 150 meters


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