o2 starts its 5G network on October 3rd

On this year's Day of German Unity, the network operator o2 will officially launch its 5G network. 5 cities will start in Germany.

O2 is launching its 5G network faster than expected. From October 3rd it will start in Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Frankfurt and Cologne.

Private customers can then use the 5G network from October 6th. o2 promises that you can use 5G from day one at no extra charge. The option is available in all o2-free tariffs with a minimum monthly fee of 39.99 euros at no extra cost. There will soon also be attractive offers for business customers.

For 5G, o2 relies on the frequencies in the 3600 MHz range that were auctioned last year, where the highest possible 5G speeds and capacities are available. Initially, however, only 300 Mbit / s are offered in the downstream. The competition with LTE is even faster.

By 2022, o2 wants to put another four billion euros into expanding the network.

o2 press release

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