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Mejia Pure Smart Humidifier was offered at a price of 199 yuan

Xiaomi recently officially unveiled the Mejia Pure Smart Humidifier, which is now available in the Xiaomi Store. It costs 229 yuan, but sells for 199 yuan ($ 29) under the financing platform.

The mijia Pure Smart Humidifier simulates the natural evaporation of water. The device humidifies the air by spraying the filtered element and then evaporating the water, and is complemented by a waterway and air duct system to create a dual internal and external cycle.

This method can continuously evaporate water as a stream of moist air and send it out to effectively and permanently keep the air fresh and moist, so it can eliminate the dryness of the environment.

The filter element of this dehumidifier is composed of high density water absorbing fibers. When evaporated naturally, it can prevent the spread of impurities in the water and can even be moistened with tap water. This device is suitable for pregnant women, infants, the elderly and people who are sensitive to breathing.

Xiaomi has applied a new type of water pump structure to this mijia dehumidifier, whereby the pump sprays water on the filter element with automatic circulation during operation. Therefore, the water absorption capacity of the filter is always full and the evaporation process takes place continuously and humidifies the air.

The body surface of this humidifier has about 240 air cavities and air enters at the same time to make evaporation more efficient and then sends moist air through turbofan to feed the whole space.

With the proper design of the dehumidifier, tap water can be added directly from the water injection site at the top, which is easy and convenient. This device can continue to dehumidify for up to 19 hours at a time.

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