If you have the Redmi Note 9 and have received MIUI 12 we recommend not updating it

Loaded with countless new features and a more colorful design, MIUI 12 has become one of the most anticipated layers of Xiaomi. Even so, not all are advantages, it has already demonstrated it by draining the battery of some terminals to a greater extent and now it does so with multiple errors in the Redmi Note 9 .

And it seems that, as explained by a large number of users after updating to MIUI 12 Global, their devices have begun to experience certain errors that had even appeared in MIUI 11 and were already resolved.

As detailed from MovilZona , MIUI 12 has brought with it to the Redmi Note 9 problems related to the WiFi connection that were already experienced in MIUI, even in terminals that had never had this error before.

If you have the Redmi Note 9 and have received MIUI 12, we recommend not updating it. News Xiaomi

In addition, the stability of Xiaomi's Redmi Note 9 has fallen to the ground, also draining the battery of this device as its users have never seen before . What's more, they have been forced to create a thread in the official Xiaomi community in the hope that Xiaomi takes action on the matter.

At the moment Xiaomi has not commented on the matter so from our side we recommend not updating to MIUI 12 until the signature solves these problems. After so many complaints, it would be expected that the solution will arrive shortly.

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