I would like bread, milk and a smartphone with 5G. Thanks to Qualcomm, phones with 5G will be cheap

cheap 5g phones

5G is no longer a novelty that is to appear in the undefined future. The new generation network is starting to work, also in Poland. And it will be possible to use it on devices sold at prices for mass customers.

The first phones compatible with the 5G network used the Snapdragon 855 processor - the Oppo smartphone was the market debutant. It is an expensive integrated circuit, and therefore used mainly in the most modern and best equipped devices - which brought their price to an unacceptable level.

Later it got a little better. Qualcomm introduced the Snapdragon 765 series for sale , thanks to which 5G phones could be sold at lower prices - even below 3,000. PLN. This is still a lot, but already within the reach of a wealthier mass client. In June, the Snapdragon 690 chip was announced, even cheaper, also with a 5G modem. And now?

And now Qualcomm announces the addition of a 5G modem to the Snapdragon 4xx series, and therefore to the cheapest one.

The 400 line snapdragons are typically the choice of manufacturers of so-called zetaphones and devices from the lower end of the so-called mid-price range. Now these chips will contain 5G modems.

As announced by Qualcomm, new phones with Snapdragon 4xx with 5G modems will be launched in the near future by, among others, Motorola, Oppo and Xiaomi. More specifically, we are to expect them on the market in the first quarter of next year at prices of around PLN 1,000. Thus, 5G will become as common among users as LTE is currently. Which is undoubtedly very happy.

I would like bread, milk and a smartphone with 5G. Thanks to Qualcomm, phones with 5G will be cheap


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