I disagree that Tell Me Why is a suitable successor to Life is Strange - a review

The more time has passed since the premiere of the first Life is Strange, the more I appreciate that narrative gem. You can read in the media that Tell Me Why is a worthy successor to the above-mentioned adventure game. I completely disagree with this , for at least several reasons.

At the beginning, let's set a point of reference: Tell Me Why is a very successful game. I had a lot of fun with her and I don't regret even a minute spent in virtual Alaska. I discovered a family plot, solved a dramatic problem from years ago, and made justice triumph. But when I compare the latest Dontnod title to Life is Strange, I see a less ambitious vision, a stiffer world, and a slightly less interesting storyline.

The leitmotifs of Tell Me Why are trauma, memory and family.

The siblings Tyler and Alyson see each other for the first time in 10 years. Their separation was caused by a dramatic event in the past. A decade ago, the mother of both heroes wanted to kill one of her children. The frightened child killed the mother in an act of defense. After this event, Alyson came under the care of her uncle, while Tyler ended up in a special facility. Now the siblings are back together - for the first time in a decade - and together they want to deal with the past.

This past has a materialized form, in the form of a family house by the lake. It is a picturesque place where the player will come back many times, discovering the next scraps of family history. The main characters want to sell the property, but it - like a living organism - rebels and causes further problems. As if the house still had something important to tell or some information to share.

Tell Me Why is a journey back in time. Ride through the branches of a family tree to see old events in a new light. During this sentimental journey, the player does not have a knife to his throat, does not have to save the world or save anyone from oppression. The heroes are completely safe and their health is safe. This makes the narrative in Tell Me Why slower and slower. There is no feeling that there is a threat somewhere in the corner, as was the case in Life is Strange.

How is it with that transgender in Tell Me Why?

The creators boast that they have one of the first transgender main characters in video games. Tyler was a girl in the past. During his stay at the center, he changed sex and started taking hormones. In this way, a young, handsome man was created who returns to his homeland. Delos Crossing is a place cut off from the world, conservative and peaceful. As you might expect, the arrival of a transgender person causes a lot of misunderstanding and conflict.

If at this point the cursed Polish hussars already turn red on their faces, I reassure you. Tell Me Why is not a manifesto of transgender people. The character of Tyler was perfectly written (much better than his rather boring sister) and even better played (wonderful voice). It fits nicely into the landscape and undoubtedly adds value to the game. It is simply a narrative unique case of a boy who had the misfortune of Mother Nature's mistake to be born into a girl's body.

The game in no way glorifies transgender people. Instead, it shows how difficult it is to live in harmony with yourself when mother nature puts you in the wrong shoes. Tell Me Why introduces the player to the burdensome realities of transgender people, not to mention taking hormones or surgery. In general, the character of Tyler is an advantage of the adventure game, differentiating the palette of heroes. As a conservative, heterosexual man, I would have a problem looking for LGBT propaganda here. If someone reacts negatively to Tyler just because he is transgender, then they have a problem with themselves, not with the video game.

Tell Me Why's big problem is choices. More precisely, their apparent and shallowness.

In Life is Strange, we made some really important choices. We could decide someone's life or death. We have had a huge impact on the people around us and how they perceive us. I missed it so much in Tell Me Why. The new adventure game still gives us a number of decisions to make, but these are in no way difficult. There are no shades of gray here and no moral dilemmas. It's enough for us to be empathetic and patient with our siblings and we can count on the best ending.

The choices are limited to extremely cosmetic things, such as whether we kiss someone or give someone a small gift. However, we have no fundamental influence on the adventure and narrative. The Dontnod team has a story to tell and clear twists. The creators do not allow the player to dive his fingers in their script and go beyond the rigid framework of the corridor story. From this perspective, Tell Me Why is a giant step backwards. Decisions don't matter and the path to success is very easy to figure out.

The story is also not as emotional as it should be, and the finale is disappointing.

I was able to guess who the important fictional character from the past was after the first of three episodes. Later I only confirmed my conviction. Tell Me Why leaves the player with plenty of clues. The final itself, in turn, is a medium-inflated balloon, with rapidly escaping air. The scenes that should be the narrative and emotional climax of the scenario are not Mount Everest, but at most a sledge hill right behind the house.

The remarkable graphic advancement that has been made since the premiere of the first Life is Strange cannot make up for these story imperfections. Tell Me Why is an extremely charming game, with great views. You want to visit Alaska. However, I would prefer the producers to spend more time building tension and an interesting main plot than building locations that will only be visible for a few seconds, as a background for a visually effective outdoor shot.

At the same time, despite all my complaints, Tell Me Why remains an important title on the map of modern adventure games and walking drama. I doubt that the production will gain as many fans as Life is Strange, Wolf Among Us or The Walking Dead, but it's worth your time anyway. Especially since you can get a completely new game as part of the Xbox Game Pass subscription. Both on the Xbox One console and on a personal computer.

I disagree that Tell Me Why is a suitable successor to Life is Strange - a review


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