Google Sabrina: New Chromecast with Google TV shows up

The new Chromecast with Google TV will be presented in the next few days. So far, the device has been known as Google Sabrina.

Not only will the Google Pixel 4a 5G and Pixel 5 be shown on September 30th , but a new Chromecast will also be presented. And this should really compete with the top dog Amazon Fire TV Stick.

Now leaked press photos show the design of the device. For the first time, a remote control is also used on the Chromecast. The classic D-Pad is used there, as well as a home and back button and dedicated buttons for starting the Google Assistant, the YouTube and Netflix app.

A button on the remote control of the new Chromecast should even be freely assignable so that you can quickly get to your favorite app.

Chromecast with Google TV equipment

In addition to the remote control, the new Chromecast also offers an HDMI connector and a USB port. Google has opted for a small configuration for the specs.

An AMLogic S905X2 SoC with 2 GB RAM is used. The internal storage should not be so generous. But the dongle should also be able to play 4K content.

An official price has not yet been announced, but there are rumors that the Chromecast with Google TV will cost around EUR 50.00.


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