Canon EOS R, but with a smaller APS-C sensor. We are to see such a camera next year

Canon EOS RP next to EOS R.

According to the latest leaks, Canon is preparing many new products. Among them, a smaller Canon EOS R with an APS-C matrix, as well as a new full frame at a price below $ 999.

Since Canon showed the EOS R, the red camp is literally buzzing with news. Since the debut of this camera less than two years ago, the cheap EOS RP , aimed at astrophotography EOS Ra , well-balanced EOS R6 and recording in 8K EOS R5 , has also joined the mirrorless offer. When it comes to lenses things are getting better as well, although it is quite natural that there are still some shortcomings in such a young system.

However, this is just the beginning, because the leaks reveal the next plans of Canon. After the premieres of top devices, it is the turn to do something much cheaper.

Canon EOS R, but with an APS-C matrix. This camera is about to start a new series of mirrorless cameras.

According to the latest leaks published by CanonRumors , Canon is to show a new camera modeled on the EOS R next year, but equipped with a smaller APS-C sensor. The equipment is to be built around the RF bayonet, i.e. the same one found in full-frame mirrorless cameras.

It would be an extremely interesting development direction for the company. This would mean the launch of a new line of APS-C mirrorless cameras, and remember that such a line already exists. I mean the EOS M cameras, built around their own M mount. After the premiere of the new full-frame mirrorless cameras, it is clear that the entire Canon pair goes into this segment, while the M camera line is treated a bit neglectfully. The situation with lenses for this bayonet is even worse.

Let's think about it. Canon needs to expand its line of RF lenses as soon as possible to make the system competitive quickly. With such an attitude, it is difficult to expect that the manufacturer will simultaneously develop a less perspective line of M system lenses. Therefore, transferring the processing capacity to the RF bayonet in 100% makes sense.

Sure, in the long run this could mean a complete blanking of the M-line, but will anyone cry for it? A much better idea is the line of full frame and APS-C cameras built around the same bayonet. This strategy has been successfully implemented by Sony for years, and recently Nikon has been following the same path.

The sooner Canon abandons the M line, the better it is for the development of this manufacturer's cameras. Users of this system may feel abandoned, but professional photographers haven't invested in the M-line. The strength of the segment was rather cheap equipment, aimed at amateurs. This group of people is unlikely to cry over the lack of new lenses in the system.

There is also a second leak talking about a cheap full-frame camera.

Of course, relatively cheap, because in such a high-quality segment it is difficult to talk about proposals for every budget. I am talking about a new full-frame mirrorless camera , the price of which is to be less than $ 999. The premiere is supposed to be in 2021. It is worth recalling that the current "cheap" full frame of Canon, i.e. EOS RP, debuted at the price level of $ 1,300. Today we will buy it in Poland for approx. 5 thousand. PLN.

The premieres of the bodies look very attractive, but the lenses must also follow them. Canon has already shown that it can make large, heavy, optically sensational lenses (I don't sleep, because I'm packing with 28-70mm f / 2.0), but cheap bodies require smaller, lighter and - let's say straightforward - cheaper glasses. Without them, the concept of a cheap camera makes no sense. There have already been unofficial announcements of cheap lenses , but it's time to finally get down to business.

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Canon EOS R, but with a smaller APS-C sensor. We are to see such a camera next year


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