5G SMS on Xiaomi phones

The smartphone industry is constantly evolving and different parts of it are updated from time to time. A few months ago, information was released about replacing the SMS feature with a more advanced 5G message. According to recent reports, the 5G messaging option is now available in the text messaging section of some Xiaomi phones, and if users enable this option, it will notify users that text messages are received by default via WLAN or mobile networks.

5G Messenger is reportedly an upgrade to native native SMS service. For each user, "5G messaging" breaks the message length limit on traditional texting. It also supports several media formats, including text, photos, audio, video, emoticons, and contacts. Supports online and offline messaging and can provide message status and history management to users.

5G messaging offers much more services than SMS, regardless of the length or size of the multimedia. It can also interact directly with service providers via chat bots in the SMS interface. Users can use this feature to sort services such as ticket purchase, check-in, check-in, etc. After opening 5G messages, you can easily communicate with others via SMS.

In addition, "5G Messages" brings a whole new mode of human-computer interaction. In this window, users can complete a one-stop service experience such as search, interaction and payments.

According to the information we have, if the phone is compatible with this feature, 5G messages will be activated automatically by default. But if it is not enabled, you can enable it via the settings in the SMS interface. Please note that your network connection must be under 4G / 5G network for this new messaging feature to work.

The 5G message switch has different letters depending on the make and model of the handsets. Unfortunately, this report does not mention the Xiaomi models that currently have this feature. If you have the latest update, you can find out by checking your latest update settings.

In April, representatives from 11 companies, including Huawei, Samsung and Xiaomi, were part of an online event focusing on this feature. Other companies include Vivo, OPP, ZTE, Samsung, Lenovo and Meizu. The companies agreed to pursue this new messenger feature and promised that the messengers would be commercialized in June 2020.

5G text messages on Xiaomi phones for the first time in Xiaomist.Com . appeared.


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