15 reasons that make the new POCO X3 the best quality / price smartphone

The new POCO X3 NFC is on everyone's lips. And no wonder, its features adjusted to a very tempting price make it one of the best quality / price smartphones launched by Xiaomi in recent years.

Without going any further, being able to acquire for about 170 euros from Spain , the POCO X3 NFC has already become a sales success, surpassing the barrier of 30,000 units sold through AliExpress in just 24 hours.

Nothing to be surprised by if we take into account each of its characteristics, not only renowned hardware components, but small details that make it the best quality / price smartphone of the moment and probably the best mid-range that anyone could buy from these. year heights.

15 reasons that make the POCO X3 NFC the best quality / price smartphone

And, among its main features, Xiaomi's new POCO X3 NFC hides certain specifications that make it even better than many might imagine . We are not only talking about, for example, its 120Hz screen, but about its IP53 certification against water splashes.

15 reasons that make the new POCO X3 the best quality / price smartphone. News Xiaomi

In order for you to know more about this new Xiaomi smartphone, below we have compiled 15 aspects for which if you doubt it is worth buying the POCO X3 NFC :

  1. 3 years of guaranteed updates : During its presentation it was confirmed that the POCO X3 NFC will have 3 years of guaranteed updates so we will have support for a long time.
  2. 120Hz display with 240Hz sampling frequency : The POCO X3 NFC not only surprises with its 120Hz, but also with its 240Hz sampling frequency capable of offering a better tactile response in action games.
  3. TÜV Rheinland certification : The screen of the POCO X3 NFC has TÜV Rheinland certification, this guarantees a low level of blue light, thus improving hiding tiredness and any negative effect on our health.
  4. SONY camera and GCam possibility : Unlike other mid-range terminals, the POCO X3 NFC has a SONY main camera. This will not only make your photographic quality better, but it will also make GCam easier to use with better results.
  5. Stereo sound : Like other higher-end terminals offered by Xiaomi, the POCO X3 NFC has two speakers capable of offering stereo sound.
  6. IP53 certification : Guaranteeing protection against the entry of dust particles that can damage your hardware, as well as splashes of water, the POCO X3 NFC has IP53 certification, something that we cannot find even in the Xiaomi Mi 10.
  7. FM Radio : If we do not have mobile coverage or do not want to use our data rate, the POCO X3 NFC has FM Radio.
  8. IR port : Xiaomi has not forgotten any detail and among the features of the POCO X3 NFC we find an infrared IR port from which to control the television, air conditioning and practically any device that allows its remote control.
  9. LED Notifications : Although their inclusion tends to disappear, the POCO X3 NFC adds LED notifications so that we do not miss any.
  10. Linear Vibration Motor : Making use of Taptic Engine technology and a linear vibration motor, the POCO X3 NFC is capable of simulating up to 150 4D effects as we interact with the MIUI interface.
  11. Clone Mode : Among the features of your camera we find the Clone Mode, this allows us to make fun videos by duplicating objects or people.
  12. LiquidCool Technology 1.0 Plus : In order for us to play during the game, the POCO X3 NFC has liquid cooling called LiquidCool Technology 1.0 Plus capable of dissipating heat more efficiently.
  13. A huge battery : Let us not lack autonomy, inside the POCO X3 NFC a battery of no less than 5,160mAh is added capable of offering a duration of up to two days with average use.
  14. Audio jack port : If we want to use good wired headphones, the POCO X3 NFC has a 3.5mm jack port. It also has Hi-Res certification offering high sound quality.
  15. Custom ROM: Thanks to the fact that it has a Qualcomm processor, specifically the Snapdragon 732G, the new POCO X3 NFC becomes a serious candidate to have a large community dedicated to the development of new Custom ROMs.

In short, the new POCO X3 NFC becomes one of the best devices that Xiaomi has launched in recent years. Returning to its origins where quality / price prevailed, this new POCO turns out to be a more than recommended purchase.

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