Xiaomi maintains its growth throughout the middle of this 2020

Xiaomi Corporation today announced its unaudited consolidated results for the second quarter of 2020 . Some really good data that shows the continued growth of the firm.

In relation to this past second quarter of years, the company's total income reached approximately 53,540 million yuan . This has meant an interannual growth of 3.1% and 7.7% compared to the previous quarter of 2020.

Thanks to this, Xiaomi has achieved a gross profit of approximately 7,700 million yuan , that is, a year-on-year growth of 6.1% and 1.9% compared to the previous quarter of 2020.

Xiaomi maintains its first position in Western Europe and Spain

According to Canalys, Xiaomi maintains its position as the first manufacturer in the number of smartphone shipments in Spain for the second consecutive quarter, with a market share of 36.8%.

While Samsung collapses Xiaomi becomes the third best-selling brand in Europe

According to the consulting firm, Xiaomi would have increased its growth in the number of shipments in this market by 151% compared to the same period of 2019.

In addition, in Europe, Canalys establishes a year-on-year increase for Xiaomi of 65% , placing the manufacturer in third place by number of shipments (one more position compared to the first quarter of 2020).

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In relation to the specific data of the Western Europe region, the technology company remains the fourth manufacturer , with a 12.4% share; and presents the largest increase in the number of shipments in the region in the last year, with 116%.

The entry Xiaomi maintains its growth throughout the half of this 2020 was published first in XIAOMIADICTOS: Xiaomi news and news website .


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