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Xiaomi Amazfit 6 Health Bracelet

Huami is a subset of Xiaomi's Mi Band fitness tracker line. It seems that this time, Huami has launched its fitness tracker called Amazfit Band 6, which is actually a Mi Band 5 Band with more features.

According to NoteBookCheck, this AmazFit paragraph was listed on AliExpress and removed shortly afterwards. However, pictures of this product are available.

The AmazFit 6 strap features a 1.1-inch full-color color AMOLED display (HD (126 x 294 with 2.5D glass) and anti-fingerprint coating. Load Clock Background There is a pressure sensitive button at the bottom of the screen, which is available in olive, black and orange.

This fitness tracker comes with Amazon Alexa's built-in assistant so you can control, set reminders and ask questions by talking to the smart home appliance. This feature will not be available in all regions, and supported areas will be received through the OTA update.

Amazfit Band 6 also measures OxygenBeats خون blood oxygen saturation, reminders for women's health records, PPG BioTracker's heart rate sensor, ™ 2, and SomnusCare کیفیت sleep quality monitoring.

This Amazfit package supports 11 sports modes and has a Huami PAI health assessment system that you can access using the Amazfit mobile app on your device. It also has 5ATM waterproof grade and supports music playback control. This strap can also act as a camera aperture button.

It has a 125 mAh battery that takes about 2 hours to charge with a video charger. Hoami says the clause will last 15 days using the normal mode, while in the energy-saving mode, the battery life reaches 25 days.

Based on the above, Amazfit Band 6 is a much better fitness tracker than Mi Band 5 / Mi Smart Band 5. Unfortunately, the price of this product is not known.

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