TP-Link Archer AX50 after four months - long-distance router review

Behind four pads, between two consoles, right under the TV and right above the basket with games, there is a small black box at my house. With antennas.

A few months ago I changed the router to a new one, and in fact I put another network equipment on the RTV cabinet. I connected this next gadget directly to the one provided to me by the operator, in which I set the bridge mode, which turned off his own Wi-Fi, turning it de facto into a regular modem. At home, I started using only the cable and wireless networks generated by this new equipment.

I wrote then that after connecting the test router, the internet at my home is experiencing a second youth .

However, it was not clear if the feeling would diminish after the first crush, so I kept testing the equipment. Now four months have passed, and I reiterate my sentence: it was a great and… late decision. If I had realized before that adding an additional router would actually be the easiest way to improve home Wi-Fi, I would have decided to do it years ago.

But a wise geek after the damage, because it should come as no surprise. It's normal for operators to look for savings everywhere, and it's hard to expect them to give customers top-shelf equipment. Despite this, I was fairly pleased with the ConnectBox router from UPC, but there were cases that it refused to obey. It restarted from time to time, and p2p connections turned out to be its kryptonite.

wi-fi router 6 tp-link archer ax50 3

Four months with TP-Link Archer AX50

The new equipment was placed on the TV stand, as I mentioned, between two consoles and four pads, which are located right under the TV. I was afraid that such a location could spoil the Wi-Fi parameters, but ... these four tilt antennas in the TP-Link Archer AX50 housing are so strong that the electronics placed around do not generate noticeable interference.

TP-Link, after being configured to manage the home network and DHCP itself, provided me with transfers of up to 700 Mb / s and ping 10 ms with a gigabit link via Wi-Fi on all devices with sufficiently fast wireless data transmission modules, and this is even more than ConnectBox provided; with a cable connection in game consoles and Apple TV, I have a full 1 Gb / s.

TP-Link has great results, but this bandwidth isn't the most important thing anyway.

Gigabit internet was a fad - by signing the contract, I was reflecting on the years spent on a copper link accelerating to a dizzying 20 Mb / s. This bandwidth is probably only useful when I want to download some large application on my computer, if I am doing it at that moment, when both consoles are downloading updates for games installed on them at the same time.

After crossing the 100 Mb / s barrier, I am much more interested in keeping the home connection stable. In the case of the operator's equipment, there were problems with this and with many connections at the same time, ConnectBox could refuse to obey and hang. Streaming video games, which I had to give up earlier, also caused him a lot of problems.

tp-link archer ax50 what router to buy

TP-Link Archer AX50 made GeForce Now a real alternative to a PC and I am now waiting for xCloud in Poland.

Although on the old router I theoretically met all the conditions to enjoy games in the cloud, the GeForce Now services (now officially available in our country) and xCloud (tested on servers in the UK) were terribly tiring. The gigabit link, which used Wi-Fi to pull hundreds of megabits per second, turned out to be a bottleneck due to stability.

Adding additional equipment to the TV cabinet solved this problem. It was thanks to this that I could comfortably play Destiny 2 on a MacBook, and then on an Apple computer I launched the fresh Superhot: Mind Control Delete via GeForce Now. Now I plan to play Disco: Elysium this way, and without replacing my network hardware, these PC games would pass me by.

The ability to play cloud games is just one piece of the puzzle.

TP-Link Archer AX50 has improved the overall quality of my Wi-Fi network and made a lot of minor improvements. I now appreciate the ease of managing all network parameters, including the ability to connect to the router via the Internet, as well as using a mobile application for smartphones and tablets (and my operator does not provide this for his ConnectBox).

Finally, I started to use the option of connecting the disk to the network, which then serves as a storage for files - not only for ordinary files, but also for backups automatically generated by the Time Machine function in Mac computers. I also finally set up a guest network and Mac address filtering, because I have convenient access to it from my smartphone.

tp-link archer ax50 what router to buy

Of course, I cannot say that during these four months TP-Link Archer AX50 did not cause any problems.

However, this is the charm of this whole category of equipment. Routers, like printers, were sent to us from the very depths of hell to make our lives uncomfortable - or so it seems. Nevertheless, since I switched to TP-Link Archer AX50, the need to reset the router is only a surprising occasional necessity, not an unpleasant everyday life.

I had to disconnect the new equipment from the power supply only once in order to restart it. At that time, I only once restored both network devices to the factory settings - and to this day, I do not know whether the operator's equipment or TP-Link was at fault in this tandem. Considering my previous experience with routers, this is a great result.

It is also important that a standalone router is independent of the operator.

The Office of Electronic Communications has announced that it will facilitate the change of service provider and it is possible that formal barriers will soon disappear. However, the replacement of the router will still be the most problematic. In the end, this involves reconnecting all devices and laboriously typing passwords in every phone, tablet, computer, e-book reader, console, etc.

Fortunately, after I put TP-Link under the TV, if I think of changing the operator to another (because, for example, it will allow me to upload higher than the 40 Mb / s provided by UPC ...), then after signing the contract I will just to the operator's equipment this additional router. This ensures that your entire home network remains exactly as it was.

TP-Link Archer AX50 after four months - long-distance router review


  1. Are you having any heat/overheating issues with this router now that it's been a few more months since you wrote this?

  2. yes i am having overheating issues right from the beginning

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  4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  5. yes this product overheats .


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