This is the most successful LG smartphone in years. What distinguishes LG Velvet?

LG Velvet is a smartphone unique not only in comparison to other devices of this manufacturer, but also in comparison to other smartphones in its class. Here are four features that make it stand out from the crowd.

Despite a few minor imperfections, LG Velvet is a surprisingly successful smartphone. Completely unlike other mid-range devices that LG has so far deigned us. It is beautiful, durable, and has several features that are not usually found in this segment.

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What distinguishes LG Velvet from the crowd? There are several such features.

Beauty and endurance in one.

IP68 certification is usually reserved for high-end devices. Look for new smartphones that meet this waterproof and dustproof standard up to PLN 3,000, unless we reach for devices from a year or two ago.

LG Velvet

LG Velvet meets not only the IP68 standards, but also the MIL-STD810G: this means that its beautiful housing is resistant to moisture, temperature fluctuations, shock and (to some extent) drops. For extreme tasks, I still recommend a case, but the increased durability of the case will certainly appeal to those who do not like to play around with their phone every day.

One screen? Pff.

Like the LG V60 and LG G8X, the LG Velvet also comes with a cover with a second LG Dual Screen display. I tested this solution on the LG G8X and LG V60 and the dual display makes surprisingly much sense, and is surprisingly often useful in everyday work or entertainment.

This gadget is not only offered by any smartphone on this price shelf, but simply by any smartphone outside the LG stable.

Audio on the level.

At the highest level - it must be added. Smartphones equipped with a headphone jack are a dying species. There are more and more smartphones with stereo speakers, although on the average price shelf these are usually not very good speakers.

LG Velvet combines in one housing both a high-quality 3.5 mm jack socket and stereo speakers that can compete with smartphones that are twice as expensive. LG as few manufacturers pay attention to the sound in their smartphones, and the quality of the headphone output and speakers in LG Velvet is far ahead of any other phone costing up to PLN 2,599.

5G .

Yes, the 5G infrastructure in Poland is still in the fetal stage. Yes, anti-5G movements are doing everything to keep this state of affairs as long as possible. Yes, the legislation does not make it easier to get the 5G network off the ground.

This does not mean, however, that it is not worth thinking about tomorrow today. After all, a smartphone for PLN 2,599 is not usually bought with the idea of ​​replacing it after a few months, but with the hope of using it for at least two or even three years. In two years, 5G coverage in Poland may be significant and then everyone will want to have a device that will be able to use the new type of communication.

LG Velvet is ready for the future today, and even if we do not use 5G connectivity now, it is by no means saying that it will not be useful in the next several months.

LG Velvet is LG 's most successful smartphone in years.

Even calling it a "mid-range smartphone" is difficult for me, because if you turned a blind eye to the processor and camera, you could really get the impression that we are dealing with absolutely top equipment. LG has made every effort to ensure that buyers of the Velvet model receive the experience of use as in the high-end models, while spending almost twice as much money.

And this is the best answer to the question "who is LG Velvet for?" Well, for someone who does not want to spend a fortune on a smartphone, but at the same time is looking for a device that can do more than the average average. LG Velvet is just like that.

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* The material was created in cooperation with the LG brand

This is the most successful LG smartphone in years. What distinguishes LG Velvet?


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