The student made a Game Boy out of a watermelon. Yes, you read that right

What can you do during quarantine? Read overdue books, clear a pile of shame on a game console ... or maybe create your own console? A student from Singapore made a Game Boy out of a watermelon.

Technical universities in Singapore enjoy a very good reputation, and students show that the recycling philosophy is also close to their heart.

A Singaporean student running a YouTube channel called target = "_ blank" rel = "noreferrer noopener"> Cedishappy decided to use the shell of eaten watermelon to create a handheld game console. For what? Well, only the author knows that, but it is certainly not the stupidest idea that university students have ever had.

One thing is for sure. It was worth spending time and energy for such scenes.

How to make a Game Boy out of a watermelon?

First you have to hollow out the flesh and dry the shell from the inside. Then a reliable Raspberry Pi board comes with help, in this case the 3 B + model equipped with 1 GB of RAM and an ARM-8 quad-core processor with Cortex-A53 cores clocked at 1.4 GHz. The author of the project also used an external screen with a small diagonal.

Design prototype in a box.

In terms of software, the author used a ready-made Game Boy Advance console emulator, i.e. a solution that is at least dubious in legal terms. But you weren't expecting anything else from the watermelon console, right?

The biggest challenge was creating the controller. In this case, it consists of single buttons simulating the layout of the keys from the Game Boy Advance. The author placed them on the surface of the watermelon, and then each connected the controller control board to the appropriate place, and then connected it to the Raspberry Pi main module. The author did not hesitate to even put the speakers in the watermelon.

There is even space for speakers inside.

The whole thing is completely mobile because it is powered by a power bank hidden inside the watermelon.

Pokemon Emerald on a watermelon. This could only come up by a polytechnic student.

As a graduate of the polytechnic university, I really appreciate the actions of my younger colleague. The design is not overly complicated to produce, but it makes little sense. Still, it is and works. And I respect it!

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The student made a Game Boy out of a watermelon. Yes, you read that right


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