She will propose a recipe for dinner and remind you of her sister s birthday. Google Assistant with new features

Google refreshes the Snapshot feature in the Google Assistant. Now it will be much more suited to you.

For the first time, the Snapshot channel appeared in the Assistant in 2018. It was there that the user could find all the information important to him, such as events, reminders, time needed to travel home, share and currency rates, etc. Today, the company released an update, thanks to whose Snapshot feature will become even more useful and personalized.

Google Snapshot Assistant - new features

Now Snapshot will also inform you about added tasks or birthday notifications. The application will also recommend podcasts, restaurants, recipes to users, which they find interesting for us. Recommendations will be selected based on user data, such as search history using the Assistant or that from other devices logged in to the same Google account.

Google argues that the proposals offered by the application will change depending on the time of day. In the morning, therefore, we can expect the weather forecast, the most important news, commuting time or a to-do list. In the evening, however, we may receive a recipe for dinner.

In the Snapshot channel we will see all the important tasks. If we open the application before the upcoming birthday of a family member or friend, we will be notified about them, and then directed to the tab where there will be proposals for action: phone, text message, etc. Currently, birthday notifications have been made available to users in English-speaking markets.

The Google Assistant also sends notifications about upcoming flights, saved events or upcoming bills.

Hey Google, show me my day!

With the launch of the service, it will be possible to invoke Snapshot with the voice command "Hey Google, show me my day". Previously, to get to the channel, you had to press the icon in the lower left corner of the Google Assistant window. Voice activation is now possible on phones with English as the default language, but the service will also be available in more languages ​​in the coming months. The update is coming simultaneously to phones with Android and iOS.

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She will propose a recipe for dinner and remind you of her sister's birthday. Google Assistant with new features


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