Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 without secrets on Tuesday. Time for the second part of the premiere

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 was officially shown on August 5, but we only got to know its appearance. The next conference will be held next Tuesday, during which we will find out all the details.

We still know little about Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2, although it has already had its official premiere . Or maybe half the official premiere. The full set of information, including the price, is to be known on September 1st during the next Samsung event. It is called Unpacked Part 2.

Good news: Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G will be cheaper than its predecessor.

The bad news: not much cheaper. According to leaks, the new folded smartphone is to cost less than 2,000. euro (i.e. probably ... EUR 1999), while the first version in the 5G variant cost EUR 2,100. Let us remind you that in Poland the prices of Galaxy Fold started from 9 thousand. PLN. The device was also offered by operators. For example, in Play, the start fee was PLN 5,799 , and the installment for a smartphone was PLN 110 a month for two years. Together, it amounted to PLN 8,439.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G will cost as much as the first Fold equipped with a 4G modem. We can still expect a price level of approx. 9 thousand. PLN, so for a year we have not even come close to popularizing folded smartphones.

There will be more surprises.

A separate post-premiere event is an unusual game. Samsung is clearly preparing something more. We will certainly get to know the new features of the software, but I secretly hope that the hardware layer will also be a surprise. I mean mainly the screen, and more specifically its durability.

The soft screen of the Galaxy Fold could be scratched with a fingernail without any major obstacles. I hope that with the Galaxy Z Foil 2 we have managed to use more resistant materials, although we will certainly not see glass here. I am expecting a material known from the Galaxy Z Flip, i.e. plastic with some glass admixture.

samsung galaxy with fold 2 rose gold

We should not count on a full pane of glass in the near future. It is true that today there is a technology of creating a very thin layer of glass wound on a roll, where the pane can be bent by 180 degrees, but the bend radius is still too large to fit such a solution in a smartphone folded in half.

What can we count on when it comes to software? I am betting on a new multi-window management system. I am also counting on Dex mode, maybe displayed on the Galaxy Z Fold 2 screen, similar to Samsung tablets. Such a solution would, at least in part, justify the very high price of a new smartphone.

All information about the new Galaxy Z Fold 2 can be found on Spider's Web on September 1st.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 without secrets on Tuesday. Time for the second part of the premiere


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