Photo of the day: the beach is so crowded that it is impossible to squeeze the coronavirus among Poles

Remember how a little over a month ago we wrote about the photo of the beach in Bournemouth, UK? There was not a square centimeter of free space on the beach stretching for hundreds of meters. We then joked that even the coronavirus would not fit there. The Poles probably decided to follow the example of the inhabitants of Albion.

The photo by photographer Kacper Kowalski, published yesterday in social media, shows Saturday's beach in Władysławowo.

And today in Władysławowo it was as if nothing had happened. The sun was mercilessly warm against the cloudless sky. Red…

Posted by Kacper Kowalski Photographer Saturday, August 1, 2020

Summer, cloudless skies, temperatures above 25 degrees Celsius, as usual at this time of the year, attracted thousands of sunbathing and swimming enthusiasts to the beach.

Summer 2020 is not an ordinary summer

Although the temperature and weather are very typical for this season, and in fact, we don't see anything in the pictures above that we didn't see a year, two or three years ago, something is wrong here.

2020 is the year of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus infection pandemic. We all experienced a lockdown lasting several months, breaking out of the normal rhythm of life. For a short while, our society limited its activity, began to take precautionary measures to minimize the risk of contracting the coronavirus. We left the house only to go shopping, the young people switched to distance learning, we stood in lines in front of shops in masks and at a distance of at least 2 meters from each other.

In this way, it was possible to slow down the rate of increase in the number of infections even a little. Of course, as usual in a situation we have never dealt with before, some felt that we were exaggerating our precautions, others that they were too harsh. We have seen what was happening in Sweden where the restrictions were minimal and what was happening in Italy where at one point they were extremely strict.

Viruses don't exist, let's go to the beach

Nevertheless, what you can see in the pictures above scares me at least. How many of these people on the beach, do you think, use social distancing , face masks or disinfectants? I dare say that individual people.

The photo was taken at a specific moment. For several days, the authorities have been recording record numbers of coronavirus infections. We started the last three days with over 600 new cases of coronavirus, and it is worth recalling that strict bans and restrictions were introduced when the daily number of infections in the country was 200. Where's the logic, where's the responsibility? I will not be surprised if in two or three weeks we will find ourselves where we were at the beginning of the pandemic , i.e. at home, under lock and key.

In this way, we do not need to be afraid of the second wave of coronavirus infections, because the first will never end .

Photo of the day: the beach is so crowded that it is impossible to squeeze the coronavirus among Poles


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