Microsoft stops developing games. Xbox One is like an industry bullet

When Microsoft announced that their first Xbox Series X games would be playable on Xbox One as well, I was definitely there. Today, more people share this view, departing from Phil Spencer's apparently pro-consumer policies. Xbox One will be a ball and chain for the entire gaming industry.

Phil Spencer - the head of the Xbox department - announced that he is ending the generational approach to consoles, where each new platform is a new stage for the entire industry. Microsoft aims at a smooth evolution, where the owners of the Xbox One and Xbox Series X will play together, with the same titles, on the same servers. Sony is opposed to this approach. It is true that PlayStation 5 will offer backward compatibility with PlayStation 4, but every generation is a generation: new SIE games are to appear only on the new console, using its full potential.

When we listened live to Phil Spencer's declaration of his willingness to keep the Xbox One community alive, most of the Spider's Web editors were on it. I remember that together with my editorial colleague Piotr Grabec, we were worried that the Xbox One would be like a ball. It will slow down the jump between generations of gaming gear. Developers targeting multiplatform titles will start looking at the technological capabilities of Xbox One, and they will be the starting point when creating new games.

Our assumptions were confirmed in Halo Infinite.

The first show of the gameplay with Halo Infinite ended in a complete failure. The visual layer of this production left a lot to be desired. Immediately after the new Halo was shown, an avalanche of malicious memes and critical entries began, dismantling Infinite into its first parts.

The comment from the dev camp did not help, according to which Halo Infinite will look better… in an undefined future after the premiere. The game will include, for example, ray tracing technology, implemented as an update. Why is it not in the game from the very beginning? Because the Xbox One can't handle it, and the developers already had a string-tight calendar. This approach perfectly symbolizes the ball and chain that the Xbox One will become: "our game could look better, but it won't be, at least not yet, because the Xbox One."

After a dozen or so days from the Halo Infinite show (and the wave of critical articles), Microsoft made a difficult decision: the game's premiere is postponed somewhere to 2021. Thus, the Xbox Series X console is deprived of any new, exclusive high-budget games at the time of its Christmas premiere. If PlayStation 5 is not horrendously expensive, the winner of the first duel of the new generation is rather certain.

Watching the Xbox One is watching the least popular console at the moment.

I would understand Microsoft's approach if the company had managed to build the customer community that Sony has on PlayStation 4 or Nintendo on Switch. However, active users of the Xbox One family of consoles are approximately 40 - 45 million people. Three times less than on the Sony platform and less than on the Nintendo platform, which has been on the market twice as long. It sounds bad, but if you had to give up any group of consumers, it would be the one on the Xbox.

Phil Spencer shows an extremely pro-consumer approach by connecting the drip to Xbox fans on One consoles. However, this is an activity that is counterproductive and meaningless in the long run. Keeping the Xbox One alive, Microsoft cannibalize the Xbox Series X. Well, why do I need XSX, how will I play everything from that console on XONE? In turn, the weaker the Xbox Series X, the stronger the PlayStation 5. Phil Spencer forfeits the duel of consoles, at his own request, implementing a short-term policy of kindness.

More and more people pay attention to Microsoft's approach, inhibiting the console market.

One such person is journalist Ryan McCaffrey from IGN. Ryan was initially very positive about Phil Spencer's pro-consumerism. However, over time, after talking to people in the industry, McCaffrey saw the negative consequences of Phil Spencer's policies: slowing down the gaming industry. The media worker initially thought that the current generation would not hold back producers on the next generation. People from within the industry made him realize something else.

The IGN employee's conclusions are shared by the extremely popular whistleblower operating under the nickname Shinobi602. In his opinion, games are always created based on the lowest common denominator, which is the resultant of the possibilities and technologies that can be used by producers. The vision of a cross-gene game is the vision of offering exactly the same on two platforms. A specific braking chain is thus formed. The possibilities of PC gaming before were always limited by new consoles. Now, in addition, new consoles are to be limited by older consoles.

There is a light in the tunnel ...

xbox series x price

Very interesting reports are published by a trusted informant Resetera with the nickname Sponger, who has several positive leaks from the Microsoft camp. According to Sponger, Microsoft is actually considering canceling Halo Infinite on consoles from the Xbox One family. The reason is to be the current state of the game on these platforms. The title is allegedly unable to run smoothly at 1080p. The proprietary engine turned out to be too demanding for the Xbox One S.

Of course, this is still purely speculation. If, however, Halo Infinite were only to come out at the end of 2021, but as a beautiful, showy, and grand game exclusive to the Xbox Series X, I wouldn't mind. I am writing this from the perspective of a person who owns an Xbox One. I prefer an incredibly exciting title for a new platform that I have yet to acquire, rather than a developer monster for a console currently connected to the TV. I am an enthusiast of new technologies and always prefer to support producers who look to the future rather than those who look to the past.

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Microsoft stops developing games. Xbox One is like an industry bullet


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