Finding an open tab has never been easier. New search engine in Chrome

Microsoft Chrome vulnerability

Do you know it? You have three browser windows open, each with several dozen tabs. How do you find the one you need? Fortunately, we will not have to look for a special extension for this soon.

I never understood it, but many internet users are for some reason reluctant to close browser tabs that are not needed at the moment. As a result, after a few hours on your desktop swarming windows, each cluttered with sites and applications. How do you get to know it all? There are appropriate extensions for this, but if we use Chrome - such a search engine for open elements should appear directly in the browser.

The Windows Club discovered a new feature. This one is not active yet, but according to the description it is to be available under the [CTRL] + [SHIFT] + [E] keyboard shortcut. It is not clear whether there will also be an appropriate icon for this, or how the search form should look and work. This feature is also in the early stages of development, which means it's hard to predict which version of Chrome it will eventually hit.

The tab finder in Chrome is not the end of changes. There will also be other news.

As members of the Reddit community have discovered , we will soon be able to share photos and pictures via a QR code within Chrome. Just click the right mouse button or hold your finger on the picture for a longer time to see the appropriate option. This novelty will most likely go to Chrome 86.

As Techstp discovered , the PDF reader built into the viewer will also be slightly upgraded. There will be a button in it to easily turn annotations on and off. Here it is also unclear if and when this feature will appear in the production channel - for now it is experimental and is hidden in browser flags .

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Finding an open tab has never been easier. New search engine in Chrome


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