Corona warning app with 16.4 million downloads, Google improves

The Corona warning app can now show 16.4 million downloads. And Google has also improved the interface again.

The squirrel or the corona warning app feeds itself laboriously. As of July 28, the app was downloaded 16.4 million times. For the first time, concrete figures from the RKI on the stores are also given.

The app was downloaded 8.7 million times from Google and 7.7 million times from Apple.

As of July 28, 792 TeleTans had already been generated. This means that this number of users have been warned not to have had contact with an infected person.

Google has now improved again. With a next update, the Bluetooth contact measurement will no longer require activated location functions. As of Android 11, the exposure notifications do not have to use an activated location.

Further improvements for the interface

  • When exposure is identified, health authorities now have more flexibility in determining the risk associated with that exposure based on technical information from the API.
  • Bluetooth calibration values ​​for hundreds of devices have been updated to improve detection of nearby devices.
  • The API is now supporting interoperability between countries after feedback from governments that have introduced exposure notification apps.
  • To help health authorities build apps more efficiently, we've added reliability improvements for apps and developer debugging tools.
  • We have improved clarity, transparency and control for users. For example, the exposure notification settings on Android now include easy on and off switching at the top of the page. In addition, users are regularly reminded when ENS is enabled.

Corona warning app (Free, Google Play) →

Corona warning app (Free, App Store) →

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