Chrome 85 is officially available - we check for news in the Google browser

Google has released a new version of its browser. We check what changes are introduced by Chrome 85 in the version for personal computers and what changes in the version for mobile devices.

Chrome 85 has just been released for Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS / iPadOS operating systems. The most important changes relate to the management of open tabs, but apart from that, a lot has changed "under the hood". We look at the most important novelties.

Managing Chrome Tabs 85

Previously, in the Google browser, it was possible to group open tabs to display conveniently side by side e.g. pages used for work, and next to those open for another purpose. Now these groups can be easily folded and developed.

The ability to display and hide a collection of open pages will probably please those who previously used, for example, two different browsers to separate private and business websites. Lots of people have been waiting for it.

Grouping tabs in this way is a feature that Google Chrome users have been particularly striving for.

Chrome 85 in the touch version also got a new interface in which, instead of tabs, you can view thumbnails of open tabs. This is a bit like the view on mobile devices.

These novelties in tab management will first come to Chromebooks for ChromeOS. Users on other platforms must be patient, but probably this change will appear soon.

What's new in Google Chrome 85 for Android?

In addition, there is a new way to jump to an open tab straight from the address bar on Android. It works just like on the desktop, where typing a few letters allows you to move to an open tab without opening it again.

In the future, in this view, you will not only be able to jump to an open tab, but also watch it. Holding your finger on the tooltip will show not only the title, but also a thumbnail of the page open in the background before going to it.

Chrome and changes under the hood

In addition to interface improvements in the desktop and mobile versions, Chrome 85 introduces improvements in page rendering speed. Google achieves better results, including thanks to the Profile Guided Optimization technology, which the company boasts provides 10 percent. faster loading.

Profile Guided Optimization assumes that some calculations are more important than others and should be performed first. The ones that deserve the title are chosen based on how browsers are used by people all over the world.

What else is Google Chrome 85 introducing?

In addition, the Tab Throttling mechanism will soon start working in the Google browser, which will allow Chrome to reduce the impact of open tabs on performance. However, this novelty is not yet available in the production channel.

Chrome 85 will also introduce the option of adding metadata to pages saved as PDF and new mechanisms for editing PDFs, including completing them and saving them after making changes. The latter novelty will be released in the next few weeks.

Google boasts that the login data saved in Chrome for iOS and iPadOS can now be used in other applications on the basis of automatic completion. The browser now works like a classic password manager.

Chrome 85 now officially - we are checking for news in the Google browser


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