BlueMail app removed from the Play Store without notification from Google

Today the popular email application Blue Mail was removed from the Google Play Store. A search in the store for the app yielded no results other than similar apps.

Blix, the development company behind Blue Mail, quickly proclaimed the removal as a retaliation measure from Google. Blix claims that Google is defending itself against Google, Amazon, Facebook and Apple because of Blix's involvement in ongoing antitrust investigations.

Google informed the Washington Post that it was addressing the issue, but made no direct comment on how to remove the Blue Mail.

BlueMail removal retaliation?

According to Volach, Blix only learned about the distance when users who changed their cell phones started asking why they couldn't find the app in the Play Store. Volach says there was no notice from Google before the app was removed, so Blix had no way to fix the problem that caused Google to decide to remove the app.

Blix later said Google had informed him that the removal was due to Blue Mail copying another app. However, it is unclear whether Google Blix has given enough information to fix the problem or not.

Although Blue Mail is incredibly popular, it has had its share of controversy. The application was removed from Apple's App Store after Apple released a product that, according to Blix Blue Mail, was remarkably similar. Blix sued Apple for this incident.

During Apple's ongoing antitrust investigation, the company said it would not retaliate or intimidate competitors. Blue Mail is now available again in the Mac App Store.

Blix also previously accused Google of poaching its ideas when the latter company announced that it would integrate its chat app with Gmail in a manner similar to Blue Mail.

According to Volach, Blix has worked with the authorities on ongoing antitrust investigations. It remains to be seen how long Blue Mail will disappear from the Play Store or whether Google Blix will provide a detailed report on the reasons for the removal of Blue Mail.

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