ZMI 10000mAh wireless green power bank was introduced

Xiaomi ZMI Environmental Chain Company has become popular due to its wide range of rechargeable products. The company's products include ultra-fast power banks, wired chargers, wireless chargers as well as car chargers. In August last year, the brand introduced the ZMI 10000mAh Wireless Power Bank, the first mobile power bank in China to pass MFI certification.

ZMI has now launched a new color of this wireless power bank. The new version has a green cover with a beautiful texture that prevents it from slipping when held. Other than that, it has the same functionality as the version released last year.

This power bank uses an integrated metal cover that is resistant to falls and shocks. Its curved design makes it easier to hold, and the soft, non-slip elastic material used on the charging plate feels good while being non-slip.

As a wireless power bank, you do not need to connect to a mobile phone to charge the phone because it supports the Qi wireless standard. This power bank has a fast 10W charge, which is estimated to take 3 hours and 50 minutes to fully charge the iPhone Xs and 2 hours to fully charge the Mi 9.

In addition, this wireless power bank supports charging three devices using two USB-A connectors and one USB-C connector. The Type-C connector supports 18W input and output, and the total power can reach 15W if two connectors are used simultaneously. This power bank also has an Apple Lightning port with input power up to 12W.

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