YouTube wants to be like real television. In the sense of advertising, there will be more than films

Do you think YouTube has ceased its efforts to convince us to pay for premium? You think so wrong. The service just tightens the screw even more - because it can.

I have learned to live with continuous pop-ups and YouTube Premium ads on all devices. Although since the debut date of the paid subscription the service has done its best to encourage users to subscribe (first of all: by attacking with advertisements from all sides), I personally think that Premium offers too little added value to make me want to pay for it - and I say it really intense YouTube user.

However, YouTube decided that the current number of ads (and even the quantity, because who would count it) is not enough. And that users can show ads more often.

Ads on YouTube in the middle of the movie will show more often.

Until now, videos under 10 minutes served pre-roll ads only, one or two, depending on the wishes of the channel creator. Videos over 10 minutes could display one more ad in the middle of the movie, every 10 minutes. For example, if the video was over 20 minutes old, two ads might appear inside, etc.

Now YouTube reduces this time to 8 minutes . All it takes is a movie to have more than 8 minutes, and you can display a 30-second ad in the middle of the playback, and two at the beginning.

The change will come into force at the end of July and will cover not only new films, but also all existing ones that have not been within the time frame (they had more than 8, but less than 10 minutes).

Knowing YouTube will find an effective way to encourage creators to regularly serve their viewers 'ads. For example, scoring in the algorithm videos of at least 8 minutes in length in which the ads were included.

YouTube Music in Poland

YouTube obviously claims that this is a change for the benefit of the creators and that most of the audience is not disturbed by additional ads. And he is probably right - in Poland, for example, we are so used to 20-minute advertising blocks on Polsat or TVN that we are even happy about their presence, because you can take a break for coffee and pee while watching.

YouTube is already displaying ads so intensely that it can confidently compete with private TV stations. I give them a few more years and I feel that a similar situation will occur as in linear TV - the ads will last as long or longer as the actual video.

The difference between YouTube and Polsat is one.

Polsat, TVN, or any other television station serving powerful advertising blocks can be changed to a different channel at any time.

Finally ... there is nothing inherently wrong in ads. This is how the modern world works, so that we can get content for free, we must agree to earn media on advertising.

However, it is not a good situation where we have no choice. And that's where YouTube puts us.

YouTube Premium in Poland

The intensity of advertising on the site has recently reached critical mass. YouTube, however, knows very well that it can afford it because ... there is no rival. Statistical YouTube viewer doesn't have a second platform on which to find their favorite content. So he must agree to the conditions set by YouTube, and this one rules and divides.

"You either watch ads, or you pay for Premium, or goodbye," says YouTube. And it remains for us to dance as they play, or to get around the taste and give up a ton of valuable content that we will find on the site.

I am a big fan of anyone trying to break YouTube's monopoly.

Unfortunately, there is not a single player on the horizon who could take a fair fight.

Vimeo is a shadow of himself today. It is strange that the platform is still breathing; she still had to change focus from consumer to business to survive.

Twitch is consistently sticking to his niche. It is no longer a service exclusively for players (livestreams are also presented there by artists and - unfortunately - patostreamers), but still there is not such a wide range of recipients as YouTube.

Instagram TV and Facebook Watch are caricatures. They have nothing to offer creators, and they see no reason to create them. Ultimately, video services from Facebook have become one big path of advertising, fake news and funny cats.

The recently created Nebula website, bringing together dozens of YouTube creators, looks interesting. Only that you have to pay for Nebula and although we get access to the great Curiosity Stream service (such as Netflix with popular science films), this is not a force that has any chance of threatening YouTube's position.

And YouTube continues to test the strength of its audience and plays with the creators.

Even the most experienced YouTube players no longer know what is going on. Understanding how website algorithms work requires them to be constantly on the pulse and adapt quickly to changes, and that still doesn't guarantee success - one movie has good results, the other has bad results and no one really knows why.

In turn, weakening coverage encourages creators to include additional ads in their videos, thereby compensating for revenue drops.

And the recipient is bombarded with ads so often that he either leaves the service, or buys Premium (what YouTube counts on), or ... turns on AdBlock.

YouTube Premium in Poland

And unfortunately, I have the impression that YouTube in its unrelenting crusade, which is to convince us to pay for Premium, shoots itself in the knee, only encouraging the use of all kinds of ad blockers.

I would like to finish this column with some poetic-sounding metaphor. For example, say that "dogs bark and the caravan goes on, only that eventually the dogs get tired and the caravan will fall into the abyss."

I can't. YouTube is power on solid foundations, with a rapid stream of content and unflagging user involvement.

Until one of the giants starts chewing on the unwavering position of Google, we cannot count on any changes. As long as YouTube doesn't feel the competition breathing, it will charge as much as it wants.

Because what does it really have to lose? Neither the creators nor their recipients have anywhere to go.

And I really appreciate the extraordinary value YouTube creates. I appreciate all those creators who make it possible for me to acquire knowledge and enjoy entertainment for free.

Unfortunately, just as even the best sweets are ugly, YouTube's monopoly is slowly beginning to ugly.

YouTube wants to be like real television. In the sense of advertising, there will be more than films


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