Your Netflix suspension notification is a scam. Don t be fooled

Beware of hustlers who are trying to steal your Netflix account credentials. They send out fake emails with the title "Your Suspension Notice", but this is a scam - we suggest how to spot the fake messages.

Cybercriminals extort login details to online services in various ways, because they have an interest in it - there will always be someone who will be happy to buy the login and password for less money than those that need to be spent on a subscription directly from the service provider. It is because of such people that we must all be on our guard.

One of the methods of obtaining user accounts is to bombard our inboxes with e-mails that resemble messages sent by service providers. From clicking a link contained in a crafted message, a simple path to losing funds in your bank account.

"Your notification of suspension" - phishing and fake mail from " Netflix "

E- mails pretending to be from Netflix are still being sent , as one of our readers informed us. He received an email with the subject line "Your Notice of Suspension" in his inbox. It signed "Your Netflix Friends" and urged you to "restart your membership."

The message contained information that allegedly "failed to authorize payment for the next billing cycle of the subscription". This is why Netflix was supposed to suspend our reader from membership. The problem is, the e-mail came from… Nobody here even tries to impersonate the domain.

Contrary to appearances, the fake e-mail informing about the suspension of the Netflix account is very cunning.

The color scheme resembles official announcements and it contains information that the subscription will remain "active until it expires". The active subscription does not contradict the content of the message, and the message argues that "just click the button" and update the data so that the subscription does not expire.

netflix notification of account suspension phishing email scam scam

Of course, links in this and similar messages must not be clicked - entering the data on the page to which we are sent will send it to the attacker. In addition, if someone has the same login and password also in other online services, then you can lose accounts also in them (therefore each service should have a unique password).

Netflix - beware of cheating

Netflix officials confirm that someone is impersonating them, and this is dangerous for several reasons. Not only can you lose access to movies and series, but also your money if someone gives your card details on a fake website.

For this reason, under no circumstances are you allowed to enter your login or payment card details after clicking the link from the email. This type of information can only be shared when you enter the website yourself.

However, it is worth remembering that in case someone caught such a phishing and then inadvertently clicked a button in the email and provided login details, it is not the end of the world. There are ways to regain access to a lost account.

Even if an unauthorized person changed our password to a different one, Netflix can restore us access to the account if we prove that it was ours. In the worst case, you will have to block the payment card and get a new one ...

Your Netflix suspension notification is a scam. Don't be fooled


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