You will get to PZU as a citizen. Fitness and medical companies also want you to log in to them like this

PZU is the first company to introduce the possibility of authentication using the mObywatel application. - There were also advanced talks with companies from the fitness and medical industries. But the pandemic slowed them down - says Marek Zagórski, Minister of Digitization.

The mObywatel application is enough to log in and confirm your identity in the mojePZU system.

- Customers will be able to download e-prescriptions, referrals and receive test results. You can also report a claim via the mojePZU platform, buy e.g. housing and tourist policy, make an appointment with a doctor and invest savings - explains the director of the mojePZU project, Konrad Grajeta.

The agreement announced today by the Ministry of Digitization and PZU is another extension of the functionality of the mObywatel application. So far, it has been downloaded by 1 million 310 thousand. people. And the Trusted Profile, or digital identity, already has 7 million 460 thousand installed. adult Poles. You can clearly see a spike in interest in them during the pandemic, as we started to value remote access to administration more.

There is a growing craving for e-government

A month ago, mObywat was downloaded 1.2 million times. The bigger jump can be seen in the HP themselves. Two years ago, a million people did not open this e-gate to administration. A year ago, 4 million, and in February this year 5 million.

So that this interest does not diminish, the Ministry of Digital Affairs ensures that it is preparing further services to which access will be possible thanks to the application and the Profile. MPrawoJazd is currently in the tests. - The opinions are positive, about 500 people are currently testing this service. But of course, we are waiting for the necessary legal changes to make it possible to replace traditional plastic documents with an application - says Zagórski.

How is the new option to log in to my PZU supposed to work?

After downloading the mObywat application and logging in to the system using a trusted profile, we get access to mTożsamości. The next step is to confirm your identity in my PZU. In the mObywat application, select mTożsamość and then the "Send to an Institution" option by scanning or copying the QR code generated in my PZU. In this way, we transfer our data to PZU.

You will get to PZU as a citizen. Fitness and medical companies also want you to log in to them like this


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