You can work anywhere, but traveling is usually a break from work. It doesn t have to be this way thanks to PKP Intercity

Modern technologies have revolutionized the concepts of work and earning. The so-called. knowledge worker is not chained to his desk and is not bound by specific working hours. The market will apply for its knowledge and skills.

Created in 1959 by Peter Drucker, the definition of this category of specialists today includes a growing group of professions. Creativity and knowledge are the two most valuable qualities of such people, often employed as experts or consultants. Their basic task is to search, exchange, combine and use knowledge within and outside the organization - hence the name of the entire category. They sell their skills and time, and the effects of their work are often highly valued.

Do you work where you want? Yes, but usually only when you get there

No obligation to sit in the office is the good side of remote intellectual work. The worse side is the need to attend meetings or conferences that you need to reach in person.

Here it is time to get away from an ideal and imaginary situation in which we can all work remotely, to the ground, because you have to get to the meeting - and it's best that time spent on travel is not lost time.

We like to build the myth of work everywhere and freedom from the desk. In this respect, we look with superiority at other professions: a carpenter must have a workshop, and a chef must have a kitchen. We can work everywhere! Unfortunately, this is usually a myth. Although we surround ourselves with countless portable smart gadgets, it is usually too loud in cafes and not enough space on buses to work efficiently. Only the quiet of a hotel room gives us such an opportunity. Often, however, business travel is not relaxation at the hotel, but mainly ... just travel, i.e. moving from place to place. I thought it was a dead end until I rode the air-conditioned PKP Intercity train, with fresh coffee on hand and a power outlet within reach of the cable.

Traveling to the capital without getting tired?

I can get to Warsaw from my hometown of Szczecin in three ways. The first is a car. It's true - the road network, which has been developed in recent years, allows me not to leave the motorways and expressways between these two cities. Unfortunately, driving a car does not allow anything else - I can at most listen to audiobooks or podcasts. Well, theoretically I can also participate in some kind of conversation in the form of a teleconference - however, as research shows, it is not safe. The driver's participation in an engaging phone call, unfortunately, significantly increases the risk of an accident.

The second way to get to the capital is by plane. Fast but convenient? Planes flying on this route do not sin with excess legroom. There's nothing to dream about unfolding the laptop - unless I sit sideways with my legs in the aisle and the flight attendants would pass their prams every now and then.

The third, recently preferred way for me to get to this appointment in Warsaw is the PKP Intercity train. Recently, I have very much convinced him, although at first I treated the carrier's offer with some distrust.

There is enough space for work and rest.

It turned out that comfortable work is possible thanks to fold-out tables, a large legroom, and the laptop will not lack energy thanks to conveniently located sockets. We're going in a few people and we want to discreetly confer - no problem: The Comfort Zone is something that was formerly called the managerial compartment. At our disposal is an air-conditioned interior, four really comfortable armchairs and a folding table.

In these armchairs you can also sleep without fear of crushing your shirt - I know what I am saying - the train from Szczecin to Warsaw leaves at six in the morning.

So far, the Comfort Zone type compartment has met my travel needs - but for those who want to work in a larger group, PKP Intercity gives the opportunity to rent ... a conference car. This is already a real conference room on the tracks: it even allows you to show presentations on 40 inch TV thanks to the built-in microphones and sound system.

Simplified travel organization thanks to colorful cards

Organization of travel by train involves deciding which carrier we want to use and then booking the ticket well in advance. PKP Intercity, PolRegio, PKP Szybka Kolej Miejska, and Koleje Dolnośląskie run on the same tracks, but they are separate carriers and separate companies. To simplify the organization of trips, especially business trips, Colorful Intercity Cards were created. They allow travel an unlimited number of times during the validity period of the card with virtually any train. In the case of Express InterCity Premium travel it is necessary to book a seat in advance. In the age of the coronavirus epidemic, this rule temporarily applies to all categories of carrier's trains.

Cards can be purchased in several colors, which depend on their duration - from the month (blue card) to the year (gold card). Each of them is also available in two variants: as a personal and bearer card. Especially the second type is convenient for companies that can provide such a card to their employees depending on their needs.

Thanks to Intercity you will work comfortably during travel and reach a rested place.

Convenience and plenty of space, the ability to stand up and straighten the bones, meals and drinks available on request and air conditioning - thanks to this you will reach a rested place. If you want to use your travel time for work - it won't be a problem either. Thanks to Wi-Fi, sockets, Comfort Zone compartments or even conference rooms, time spent traveling will be time spent productively.

* The material was created in cooperation with PKP Intercity

You can work anywhere, but traveling is usually a break from work. It doesn't have to be this way thanks to PKP Intercity


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