You can change your internet provider as easily as your mobile operator

The Office of Electronic Communications informed that soon changing the internet provider will be much easier. For this purpose, a new information exchange system will be created, similar to the one that exists in the world of mobile operators.

Changing the Internet provider is not such an easy matter, and operators do not make it easier to escape to competition, because it is not in their interest. Many people stay with the current operator, although another may have a better offer because he gets apoplexy at the thought of replacing the network equipment. They also do not want to be left without internet access at all, especially in the times of a pandemic and home office, or pay for the same twice.

However, where the client cannot, the office will send it, and in this case - the Office of Electronic Communications .

UKE informed that work was underway "aimed at developing a model of message exchange between operators or service providers", which is to help subscribers maintain "continuity of Internet access services". Translating from clerical to ours: in the future, switching operators will not involve downtime and paying two service providers at once.

This means that the change of operator providing internet access services in the future will be as simple - at least from the customer's perspective - as in the case of changing the mobile operator. Years ago, pro-consumer procedures were developed on the mobile market, thanks to which choosing a different service provider is extremely simple.

UKE 's plans to create a new communication system are the result of the regulations that came into force due to the coronavirus.

The President of UKE is obliged to do so "in accordance with the provisions of Art. 70 paragraph. 3 of the Act of May 14, 2020 amending certain acts in the field of protective measures in connection with the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus "(ie the so-called Shield 3.0). The office informed that the works to make it possible are already underway, although we do not know yet when they will be completed.

There will be a replacement solution while we wait for the creation and (more importantly) implementation of appropriate procedures and an ICT system. The document in which there will be proposals, according to the Office of Electronic Communications, "will be presented for consultation at the end of August this year."

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You can change your internet provider just as easily as your mobile operator


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