You buy at Allegro and pick up from the Parcel Locker at midnight. This is how the night premiere of Ghost of Tsushima works

I fought for such night premieres. People who have Allegro SMART! Service, who will buy Ghost of Tsushima in advance until July 13, a minute after the world premiere - July 17 - will be able to pick it up in Parcel Locker and play earlier than others.

Maybe I'm more excited about this news than I should have been, but all the stationary night premieres of games I've been to have ended quite badly. For example, the night sale of Wrath of The Lich King at the headquarters of CD Project I remember as one great organizational chaos and endless scuffles in the crowd, which only in theory tried to be a queue. It was the last night premiere I went to.

Maybe a lot of things have changed since then, but I'm not planning to check it out. If I want to play a game as soon as possible, I either buy a digital code, active immediately after the premiere, or order a courier and keep my fingers crossed for his punctual arrival. It can be very different with this, but it is a topic for a completely different story.

Allegro has improved the night premieres of games

Of course, there is a small catch in this sentence, which consists in the requirement to have an Allegro SMART subscription!, But I already wrote about it twice in this text, so no one should be surprised. Let's move on assuming that you purchased access to this service and want to play Ghost of Tsushima as soon as possible, what should you do?

Well: we buy the game on the special subpage , dedicated to this action, we choose the parcel machine to which the game is to be delivered, we appear there on July 17, a minute after midnight, we run as much strength as we can and play. Simple, fast and pleasant.

The whole trick, of course, is that copies of the game will be delivered a little earlier to parcel machines and there they will wait calmly for their premiere and release them into the hands of players. This idea is so banal that it is strange that it was not introduced a few years ago. Well, better late than later.

Allegro is already boasting that this is not their last night premiere in their performance, so it's worth remembering if you are still waiting for some game to come out this year. More information about the Night premieres action can be found here .

You buy at Allegro and at midnight you pick up from the parcel locker. This is how the night premiere of Ghost of Tsushima works


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