Xiaomi updates its Redmi AX5 improving the experience in games like Fortnite and League of Legends

The Redmi AX5 has become one of the most successful Xiaomi routers. Not only for its great quality / price offering all the advantages of a low-cost WiFi 6 router, but also for its support for Mesh networks and now its optimization for video games .

And is that Xiaomi has updated its economic Redmi AX5 improving the experience in video games developed by Tencent . A new agreement with the famous Chinese company that owns 40% of Epic Games or all of Riot Games .

With this, the Redmi AX5 will provide a more stable connection when transmitting packets over the network belonging to Fortnite and League of Legends among others, video games of great popularity today, which in turn cover a large part of the market.

This new improvement includes the acceleration of games, prioritizing the sending of data belonging to said video games . This will guarantee a stable and optimal connection in order to have a good connection and low latency, especially when playing online.

Redmi AX5, the most attractive WiFi router from Xiaomi

Redmi AX5: this is the new WiFi 6 router from Xiaomi that will undoubtedly devastate sales. Xiaomi  News

If we remember, the Redmi AX5 from Xiaomi is a WiFi router capable of managing up to 128 devices simultaneously and independently. This also has OFDMA , Mesh support and MU-MIMO in order to achieve stable connections of up to 1,775Mbps .

Beyond this, the Redmi AX has Beamforming , WPA 3 encryption, BSS Coloring and a total of 4 5dB antennas providing optimal coverage, now also optimized for the gaming world.

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