Xiaomi temporarily stops the update to MIUI 12 for the Xiaomi Mi 9T

Xiaomi and its updates do not seem to go hand in hand. After bundling it with its latest update for the Xiaomi Mi A3 , it has now been the turn of the Xiaomi Mi 9T , which will have to wait again until finally receiving MIUI 12.

And it seems that, as they tell us from notebookcheck , Xiaomi would have stopped the MIUI 12 update for your Xiaomi Mi 9T . One of the most anticipated updates, which after reaching a few users has been temporarily suspended.

According to one of the moderators of Mi Community, this controversial action by Xiaomi affects the Global, European and Russian versions of the Xiaomi Mi 9T , found for the Global update of MIUI 12 (MI), the Euoprea (EU / EEA) and the Russian (UK).

The MIUI 12 Global [MI, EU, UK] update was partially deployed for the Mi 9T, and currently the update is discontinued, one less problem is being checked by the team. Please wait patiently for the next release.

At the moment it is unknown what the reason for this temporary suspension has been , although as it has happened on other occasions, it is most likely that it was carried out after discovering some important error.

Meanwhile we will be pending in order to inform you of any news in this regard. Let's hope that Xiaomi solves it as soon as possible and that once and for all all Xiaomi Mi 9T users can enjoy the news of MIUI 12 .

Track | Notebookcheck
Source | c.mi.com

The Xiaomi entry temporarily stops the update to MIUI 12 for the Xiaomi Mi 9T was first published on XIAOMIADICTOS: Xiaomi news and updates website .


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