Xiaomi s new flagship has been certified surprising with its ultra fast charging

After countless rumors, the more than possible Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra has made an appearance again after obtaining its 3C certification in China . A new approach to its official presentation, predicting that it will be shortly when we know all its details.

And, after obtaining its certification at MIIT , the supposed Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra under the model number M2007J1SC has reappeared showing its 5G support and a most striking feature, which is none other than its compatibility with the MDY-12-ED charger.

If we remember, the Xiaomi MDY-12-ED charger or transformer is capable of reaching 120W of power, thus auguring that this new flagship, in principle the Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra, will have the long-awaited 100W Super Charge Turbo .

Xiaomi's new flagship has been certified surprising with its ultra fast charging. Xiaomi  News

Certification of the supposed Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra in the 3C of China.

Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra: willing to change the way you charge a smartphone

Thanks to this technology, this new Xiaomi flagship will manage to change our charging habits. And it is that, as the company itself boasted at the time, Super Charge Turbo is capable of charging in just 17 minutes a 4,000mAh battery .

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Some of the most amazing figures that apparently will come along with other technologies in order to avoid the early degradation of your battery. Likewise, everything suggests that this supposed Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra will be the first of the firm to integrate an AMOLED screen at 120Hz and a camera with an unmatched zoom.

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