Xiaomi Mi A3 received wrong firmware

The Xiaomi Mi A3 received the wrong firmware. And this is currently causing plenty of problems again. Xiaomi's problem child continues to make a name for itself.

Apparently, due to a bug, a Mexican firmware was distributed to the Xiaomi Mi A3 worldwide. After the completely out of hand Android 10 update from a few months ago, the next problem with this model.

With the wrong update, the device is not only suddenly Mexican, it also completely overrides the dual SIM function of the Android One smartphone.

This is due to the firmware QFQMXTC, which you should not install under any circumstances. Because this is not intended for Germany or Europe, but only for Mexico.

"This issue has already been resolved on our part and our technical teams are working on a recovery solution that will be launched shortly."


It seems that the Xiaomi Mi A3 is really the manufacturer's big problem child. So far, there have been a number of errors and problems lining his career, but this has only been triggered by the carelessness of Xiaomi himself.

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