Xiaomi launched the Baseus Encok W04 Pro TWS headphones

The Baseus brand is known for its wide range of accessories, from charging adapters to USB cables, power banks, headphones, and more. The company, which is Xiaomi's environmental partner, has now launched its latest Encok W04 Pro TWS headphones on the youpin platform.

These headphones use a half-ear design to fit comfortably in the ear and not irritate the ear canal. It is also equipped with a dual-processing smart chip to connect left and right headphones simultaneously after the signal is transmitted by the phone.

The Baseus Encok W04 Pro TWS headphones have Bluetooth 5.0, which reduces signal loss and 2.4 GHz interference due to interference. The transfer speed can reach 24 Mbps and there can be fast and unobstructed transfer up to a distance of 10 meters.

It also uses 13mm movable winding speakers complete with a highly elastic PU composite aperture that can hold audio, a musical instrument and a large drum in an audible form. These headphones also have a built-in capacitive touch control, which allows you to play or pause music by simply double-clicking on the headset.

The headset is equipped with a 400mAh charging case that can charge the headset 4 times in a row. Its battery life can also be increased up to 20 hours with a charging box.

The Baseus Encok W04 Pro TWS headphones are available in two versions, a standard version priced at 158 ​​yuan ($ 22) and a wireless charging version priced at 188 yuan ($ 26). Both models are available in four glossy color options: the popular colors white, pink, gray and black.

Xiaomi launches Baseus Encok W04 Pro TWS headphones for the first time at Xiaomist.Com . appeared.


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