Xiaomi improves the repair price of its out-of-warranty smartphones

In order to continue reinforcing customer service and being even closer to consumers, Xiaomi has put the device, until July 31, special prices for repair and replacement of the screen and motherboard for seven models in the series My and as well as for other seven of the Redmi series that are outside the legal guarantee.

A new measure that makes us stay calm even after the warranty of our smartphone has expired , with somewhat lower prices that will allow more than one to decide to replace the broken screen of their terminal or check some bad behavior of their device .

Without further ado, we leave you the press release , as well as the official website where all the details regarding this new out-of-warranty repair program are collected:

Users whose selected devices are outside the legal guarantee, either because they exceed two years from the date of purchase, or because the device has tampering or evidence of misuse, may temporarily enjoy special prices for both repair as the substitution of both elements. These prices include, in addition to the relevant materials, labor and delivery of mobile phones.

"We are happy to offer our My Fans and users the best possible user experience for our huge portfolio of products. This is of utmost importance to Xiaomi, a young global company celebrating its tenth anniversary this year, "said Ou Wen, head of Western Europe at Xiaomi.

"We hope that by reinforcing our after-sales service, everyone can enjoy the true convenience of our highly innovative products."

Thus, the company provides this special after-sales service for the Mi Fans of Spain, Italy and France, to show their support this summer after the difficult moments experienced in the situation caused by COVID-19.

You can find all the information about it from the official website of Xiaom i: Mi.com

The Xiaomi entry improves the repair price of its out-of-warranty smartphones was first published in XIAOMIADICTOS: Xiaomi news and news website .


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