Xiaomi has launched the Mileseey Golf Laser Meter

Xiaomi has launched the Mileseey Golf Laser Meter under the youpin Financing Platform. This product can be ordered in China for 399 yuan ($ 57). As the name implies, this meter is used in golf; It is also useful in other places where finding distance is required. In addition, this device is a telescope with a maximum magnification of six times.

Mileseey Golf Laser Meter uses a simple design and is made of soft plastic that has non-slip and wear-resistant properties. This device has dimensions of 110x65x38 mm, which makes it easy to carry.

In terms of lenses, this laser meter has a 6X telephoto optical system with fixed focus and 7-degree field of view. This lens has a clear field of view. This meter can measure a distance of 600 meters with an error of 0.5 meters.

In addition to measuring distance, it can also detect the speed at which an object moves. To do this, the user must press the measurement key and follow the object. This telescope can show the speed of the object in an instant, which is suitable for watching racing games.

It is noteworthy that to make golf easier for users, this telescope especially has the function of locking on the flagpole and the function of compensating the path of the golf ball. The flagpole lock function allows the telescope to lock on the nearest preferred measurement target, and the Golf Ballistic Compensation function can quickly calculate the ballistic compensation distance for the user.

Xiaomi Launches Mileseey Golf Laser Meter for the first time at Xiaomist.Com . appeared.


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