Xiaomi continues to expand staff with great talents and hires the former CEO of ZTE

After officially naming Yang Zhe as the new vice president of the Xiaomi group and Director of Marketing (CMO), Xiaomi continues to expand its staff, signing the former CEO of ZTE as the new head of the supply chain.

In detail we talk about Zeng Xuezhong , former CEO of ZTE who until 2017 was part of ZTE as Executive Vice President. In his career with ZTE, a Chinese firm, Zeng managed to boost the number of sales , greatly increasing revenue.

Beyond ZTE, Zeng Xuezhong has also been part of the Zi Group as Global Executive Vice President and Shenzhen Huixin Communication Technology as President. A great journey and experience that will be reflected in its new journey by Xiaomi.

Xiaomi continues to expand its staff with great talents and hires the former CEO of ZTE. Xiaomi  News

Zeng Xuezhong, new member of Xiaomi.

With this new recruitment, Xiaomi makes clear its main objective of attracting the largest in the industry to its offices. And it is that since the beginning of 2019 the firm has not stopped signing great managers such as Gionee or Chang Cheng .

For our part, we hope that this new contract will have the results that Xiaomi seeks with it, improving its supply chain, expanding and better managing the availability of stock, which is often affected by high demand.

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