Xiaomi better and more efficient. Chinese mediums broke up the competition

AnTuTu has published the most interesting conclusions from its database of tested devices. It clearly shows that if we want a relatively inexpensive and fast phone, we should be primarily interested in Xiaomi.

AnTuTu is a popular and appreciated application for testing the performance of mobile devices and comparing it with other models. For years, it has served many testers as a benchmark, allowing you to quickly understand how a given model performs in the context of all devices on the market. And although in the past there have been some strange situations in which phone manufacturers have optimized their equipment just under this benchmark - which led to false measurement - so AnTuTu is still one of the best testing tools.

Its creators also regularly publish the most interesting conclusions from the phone tests. Each test is recorded in the AnTuTu cloud, which allows you to create a quite informative database related to the performance of different devices on different price shelves. According to the latest report , Xiaomi has reasons to be proud.

Xiaomi the fastest in the performance tests of mid-price phones.

xiaomi performance

Six of the ten most efficient mid-price phones come from Xiaomi (Redmi is a brand belonging to this manufacturer). Interestingly, the ranking includes phones from this manufacturer with both the Snapdragon and Helio processors. As a matter of fact, the only author's design that got on the list is the Kirin 810 chip present in the nova 7i, created by the HiSilicon company owned by Huaweia.

In addition to Huawei, the list also includes two Realme phones and one Oppo phone. Well, if we're looking for a nice gaming phone, or one for very fast web browsing or instant photo processing - and we don't want to spend money - we should start our search with Redmi and Xiaomi. It is among them that we will undoubtedly find a model that will meet our expectations. It can be different with other manufacturers.

Xiaomi better and more efficient. Chinese mediums broke up the competition


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