Xiaomi becomes the technological partner of a projector to fight skin cancer

Xiaomi does not stop surprising us. And it is that, far from any new product, the firm based in China has become the new technological partner of Legit Health for the clinical study for the detection of skin cancer .

This has been made known to us by the firm itself through a new press release, demonstrating its commitment to promoting with its technology the fight against skin cancer in Basurto and Cruces hospitals in the Basque Country .

Without further ado, we leave you the press release below:

Xiaomi has become a technological partner of Legit Health in the clinical validation study for the detection of skin cancer through the smartphone, which is being carried out by the university hospitals in Cruces and Basurto , in the Basque Country.

Thus, Xiaomi joins this project with its Mi Note 10 smartphone, the first smartphone in the world with a quintuple 108-megapixel camera, when it was launched in November 2019. By taking photographs through this smartphone And thanks to the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) software ' Legit Health ', developed by the UPV / EHU start-up, researchers at Basurto and Cruces Hospitals are working on the diagnosis of melanoma.

"By participating in this project we want to reaffirm the role of technology, of innovation, in improving life around the world. To be able to facilitate the early diagnosis of diseases such as skin cancer and help more citizens, at a time as delicate as today, to have access to telematic health care using just such a daily device as a smartphone, seems very valuable to us . That is why we wanted to put the camera technology of the Mi Note 10 at the service of this project; a camera with 5 lenses, the main one of them being 108 megapixels, which is capable of taking sharp photographs that help increase the precision of the diagnosis . At Xiaomi we maintain a firm commitment to bring innovation to the whole world ", stated Raquel Sanz, PR Manager of Xiaomi in Spain.

The artificial intelligence developed by Legit Health allows us not only to detect the presence of a skin pathology (acne, psoriasis, dermatitis, rosacea, keratosis, basal cell carcinoma and melanoma), but also to quantify its progress over time with great precision . This, together with the use of mobile devices, in this case Mi Note 10, allows telematic medical attention, improves specialist-patient communication and ensures rapid detection of serious problems.

The entry Xiaomi becomes the technological partner of a projector to fight skin cancer was first published in XIAOMIADICTOS: Xiaomi news and news website .


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