Xiaomi Apollo, a new flagship that already shows its performance in Geekbench

Not one, not two, but three ... if we are already waiting for the arrival of the Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra and Redmi K30 Ultra , Xiaomi seems to be finalizing the preparations for the launch of yet another flagship, whose code name seems to be Xiaomi Apollo .

And it is that in the last hours, a mysterious "Xiaomi Apollo" with model number M2007J3SG has appeared on the famous Geekbench platform, partially demonstrating its existence and letting us see some of its characteristics.

Without going any further, this supposed Xiaomi Apollo makes use of the Snapdragon 865 and a total of 8GB of RAM , characteristics worthy of any high-end that it boasts, which also seems to have the Android 10 operating system .

Xiaomi Apollo, a new flagship that already shows its performance in Geekbench. Xiaomi  News

New "Xiaomi Apollo" listed on GeekBench.

At the moment it is unknown what terminal it is, leaving it in doubt if we are really dealing with a new device that we will soon know, if it will be one of those already known by another name or to a lesser extent, which is another of the false leaks that They often filter through this platform.

In short, what is clear is that Xiaomi is preparing for something big, at least two new terminals featuring the latest processor launched by Qualcomm or in the case of Redmi, by the powerful MediaTek DImensity 1000+ .

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