Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and xCloud have just become one

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Xbox has just announced that xCloud is becoming part of the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate service. You won't need to pay anything to be able to enjoy access to xbox games, even if you don't have a computer or console. Provided that we do not live in Poland.

Xbox Game Pass is a Microsoft service, under which after paying a subscription we get access to over 200 games for Xbox (both for consoles and on the PC). All Xbox Game Studios games are available on the service since their release and are never removed from it. There are also games from other publishers, but they put them on the Xbox Game Pass at their own discretion - sometimes with delay, sometimes for a limited time. If a game is removed from the service, we are entitled to a 15% discount on its purchase.

The cost of the Xbox Game Pass is PLN 40 per month (console only), PLN 19 per month (PC only) or PLN 55 per month (PC + console + also includes the Xbox Live Gold service).

xCloud is the Xbox streaming service currently being tested. Thanks to it, we can play any Xbox games we have, using any device - including a TV without a console, a cheap netbook or mobile phone. All we need is a touch screen or gamepad and a fast internet connection. To use xCloud, we don't need an Xbox or PC. We do not have to pay extra for the possibility of streaming the games we bought, although the game creator may decide that his game in xCloud will not be available. The service is not available in Poland yet.

Any Xbox Game Pass subscriber will be able to stream games from the cloud without further charges.

The benefits of having xCloud for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers seem obvious. XCloud itself, at least for the time being, is not promoted as something that replaces PC and console gaming - just as Stadia is promoted. Microsoft believes that the perceptible input lag (delays in the screen character's response to gamepad commands, unavoidable when the game is hosted by the cloud) makes xCloud the future - not the present - of video games. And that it is more a complementary service for PC and console players than something that is supposed to replace these consoles or PCs.

In this approach, Microsoft's offer becomes extremely attractive. Every day we play, for example, on the console. However, we must leave the house, and we would love to finish this quest so much ... no problem. We pack the gamepad into the backpack (or not ...) and once we are comfortable in the middle of communication, we take out the phone and continue playing. Or through the smart TV application in the hotel we rented for the weekend.

Unfortunately, there is a problem in this beautiful vision. xCloud, at least for now, is not available in our country. Joining xCloud to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is a great move of Microsoft, just in time it would be the Xbox X series to choose this coming Christmas instead of PlayStation 5 (PlayStation Now service from the very beginning combines the ability to stream and download games, just like Xbox Game Pass and xCloud) . Unfortunately, it does not matter for the Polish customer.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and xCloud have just become one


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