Working heat-resistant graphene clothing. Sounds like a way to heat

We have good news for all those who do not like excessive heat. Scientists from the National Graphene Institute and the University of Manchester have created material from graphene, which on hot days is able to lower the temperature of the human body.

For now , of course, we are talking about a prototype , but the results of the initial tests are so promising that I already dream about graphene shirts, which would make me cooler on days like this. Eh, I'm daydreaming.

Heat-resistant graphene clothing

The whole trick here was to create a material that would block the infrared radiation that warms our body when we are standing in a sunny place, and on the other would allow our body to release as much heat as possible. The challenge is extremely difficult, because most of the popular insulators, unfortunately, work both ways, i.e. if it protects us from heat from the outside, it does not allow for effective expulsion from our body.

And here comes the material enriched with graphene, which is able to modulate its transparency against infrared. This means, more or less, that standing in full sun, such graphene material blocks infrared radiation, protecting our body from excessive heat, and if we go to the shade - it opens so that the heat from our body can radiate outside without major obstacles. The issues of thermal conductivity and convection are regulated by the selection of a properly breathable fabric combined with a graphene layer.

As is the case with prototypes created by scientists, there is still a matter of more thoughtful placement of the controller, which would control the properties of graphene, but this would probably be taken by clothing companies, if, of course, the concept presented by scientists would seem to them sufficiently profitable after the market launch.

However, taking into account the fact that our climate is warming from year to year, I would not be surprised if this type of clothing finally appeared in stores.

Working heat-resistant graphene clothing. Sounds like a way to heat


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