What is Xiaomi s Mi Pilot program and how you can join as a MIUI beta tester

Launched in mid-2019, Mi Pilot has ended up having a great reception among Xiaomi users and Mi Fans. Beyond trying the latest MIUI news, this program allows us to collaborate with Xiaomi in order to achieve a more stable layer of personalization .

In detail, Mi Pilot is Xiaomi's new proposal as an alternative to the disappeared global betas . This new program works as a phase prior to the final and stable launch of a new update, thereby preventing possible errors and bugs .

To be exact, before launching a stable version of MIUI, it is previously received by users who are part of the Mi Pilot program . In this way, they can warn of any problem or failure so that Xiaomi can solve it before its final launch or, in the worst case, stop the update.

What is Xiaomi's Mi Pilot program and how you can join as a MIUI beta tester. Xiaomi  News

And is that, more than a way to test the latest news introduced by Xiaomi in MIUI, Mi Pilot is intended for those users who not only want to have the latest, but are willing to provide their feedback to help the community .

How to join the Xiaomi MIUI 12 Mi Pilot program

What is Xiaomi's Mi Pilot program and how you can join as a MIUI beta tester. Xiaomi  News

To become part of the My Pilot program and thereby become a MIUI beta tester, we only have to fill out this form . In it we are asked for our Mi account ID , our MIUI version and the device model we have (the ID is obtained in Settings> My Account).

Unfortunately, the Mi Pilot program is not permanently active in the face of recruiting new beta testers for the latest smartphones launched by the firm. This is usually opened in the face of a great launch as it has been with the first arrival of MIUI 12 to the Xiaomi Mi 9 and Redmi Note 8.

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Likewise, any new recruitment or launch for the Mi Pilot program is announced through the official Telegram channel My Stable Tester-Global . In this, any news related to My Pilot and the arrival of new test versions is published daily.

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