We will confirm payments on mobile Chrome with a fingerprint

Google has announced the addition of fingerprint payment authentication support for the Chromium browser for Android. The first overlay to take advantage of this will be Chrome.

Chromium browsers for Android (Chrome, Edge, Opera and others using this foundation) are equipped with a module that helps us add a payment method when shopping. The browser - if we want - will fill in the forms with the data from the previously saved payment card. For security reasons, however, it will ask you to confirm your card details - we must provide the CVC code each time.

Fingerprint payments in Chrome for Android.

Chrome will be the first of the Chromium browsers to introduce payment authorization using a fingerprint or other biometric user authentication module (for example, face scanning). You will only need to enter the CVC code on your first payment. We will confirm the next ones by touching the sensor with a finger.

chrome payment approval

It is worth bearing in mind that this is an optional feature. If for some reason we do not want to approve payments with a fingerprint, we will be able to disable other forms of authentication and further authorize before entering the CVC code.

The novelty is being introduced gradually and is expected to reach all Android Chrome users in the coming weeks . For now, we don't know if and when other Chromium members will introduce this new feature to their browsers.

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We will confirm payments on mobile Chrome with a fingerprint


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