We know the name of the new Call of Duty. The chip manufacturer is responsible for the leak

Doritos and Mountain Dew is the stereotypical diet of every American gamer. The producer of chips, which has repeatedly participated in promotional campaigns of upcoming titles, this time went ahead. It is thanks to the packaging of the new batch of snacks that we know what this year's Call of Duty will be called.

There have been rumors for several months that the new Call of Duty will return to the atmosphere known from the first Black Ops. Some reports even talked about the remake of BLOPS, adapted to the current and future generation consoles. Fortunately, the truth is much more interesting than re-tearing the same (but really good) campaign as it was years ago.

New CoD to Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War.

As the title suggests, this time the players will be transported to the Cold War era. The period of strong tension between the United States and the Soviet Union is an extremely interesting reality that allows the creation of many unique missions for secret services. Cuba, Afghanistan, Korea, Vietnam, Iran, Palestine, Israel - these are only some of the potential theaters of intelligence, services and military activities.

Cold War is also an interesting change from the WWII, futuristic and modern Call of Duty. At the same time, Cold War is likely to mix content with Modern Warfare when it comes to the standalone Warzone mode. The battle royale module recognized by players will allegedly not get a successor. Instead, it will be developed with new seasons and content, this time inspired by the Cold War era.

If that is true, I am definitely yes. I'd rather refine an existing Warzone component even better than raze everything to the ground and create anew. Let the new Black Ops have a unique campaign and classic multiplayer modes, but Warzone should remain available to everyone, for free, constantly updated with new and interesting elements. Only such long and continuous support gives the battle roayle title a chance to be successful on the market.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War leaked through Doritos chips.

Doritos is a chip producer that cooperates with Activision many times. In the snack packs you can find, for example, codes that increase the number of experience received in multiplayer modes, which work for a certain period of time. Considering that Doritos have also been available in our country for some time, perhaps also Polish players will be able to use the Call of Duty promotional codes.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War still remains a mystery. However, since the elements related to this game appear in the materials of the chip producer, it can be concluded that the official announcement with the trailer is just around the corner.

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We know the name of the new Call of Duty. The chip manufacturer is responsible for the leak


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